yes, it´s sommer, the best period of the year.

There are plenty of activity, but the most beautiful is…to rest in the sun!!!

there are 12 Km od sand and rock in Lido, and after many experiences, I ´ve decided for a zone strait before Alberoni.

Since few years ago this piece of beach started to be crowded by special people who wanted to enjoy the beach, with a kind of freedom; at the same time the beach was starting to became bigger because of the works at the MOSE, and the meditation center Energy Darshan were attracting a lot of seekers who wanted to enjoy the sun and the sea.

this mix created a community of people meeting everyday at the same place, playing football, listening music, inventing some new story.

Someone is able to go to fish, so in the evening it´s also possible to eat some sea product, the most “peoci” (mussels).

And often are organized beautiful grill party until late night, with the witnessing of the rising moon, beautiful…..