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prem joshua

prem joshua

It was a hot, crowdy wendsday, at the end of Lido, where the Mose is taking position. Evening, the moon was there, nearly a shiva moon, and everything was ready for a nice concert.

Prem joshua is a world music traveller, with a lot of music experience about fusion, world music, indian music.

A nice and fresh concert at the Oasi Culinaria in Alberoni, a beautiful place of relax and nature.

Joshua is a so called friend, we met a lot of times, sometime at the same Festival to play with aour different groups, sometimes in Poona, just enjoying a meditation, sometime in Cologne, always laughing about our one time a year meeting.

He will came again the 30th of august, same place but in the mornig, 10 oclock for a nice morning concert.