At this time of the years, starts a new feeling in me, a deep awarness that summer is finishing…it´s no sadness, only the wish to take a bit of time and look back, like a wise man will look at the past and let it go with a smile.

Summer it´s time for expolding and enjoy life,to stay outside till night and, of course, do some very junlge party on the beach.

We have a special way of grill parties here in Lido: to Murazzi, a defense structure with a great story behind it.

Murazzi started to be buided on the 1700 with a special vulcanic stone, that in contact with water will produce a strong cement, a defence against hight tide.

And now looks like a protected, imaginary place on the sea.

And I look back now at the time where was so usual to organise such  parties, that a famous reggae band of Venice decided to writew a song.

Enjoy it….with a glass of good wine!!!