Casinò Palace – Venice Lido – Italy 19 – 20 – 21 March

…Oriental Dance…Ancient Dance connected to the Sacred Feminine…

It is truly beautiful celebration of Womanhood!

It is a language without words, which speaks not to our intellects, but directly to our feelings, our instincts, our desires.

This dance became a journey exploring the Mother of all Dances.

Join us for springtime in Venice, Italy, most glamorous city of Art
and a most sensation Dance Aventure!
You won’t soon forget!

This event is for Oriental Dance enthusiasts of all kinds to enjoy the variety of different styles of Oriental dance from India to Andalusia, from Folklore to Classic form, from Raq Sharqi to Tribal Style, from Kathak to Sufi Dervishes..

No matter if you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced student,
This convention is designed for everyone to learn, dance and enjoy!


To all subscribers to the VENICE ORIENTAL DANCE CONVENTION 2010, completing 3 Days workshops, will be issued a certificate of participation at the event, considered worthy for his social qualities, cultural and artistic activities, recognized by UNESCO, the International Dance Council – CID UNESCO and patronised by Department of Cultural Production – City of Venice, Veneto Region.

A presence of international recognized teachers never before assembled at one convention will be on hand…

Bringing teachers from all over the world and offering 70 hours of workshops!

Venice Oriental Dance Convention is a prestigious podium for all dancers, choreographers and international performers.

Venice Oriental Dance Convention is a great opportunity to experiment, exchange and create comunication between different international schools…

Don’t miss Gala Evenings, unforgettable Performances at the Casinò Theatre…

The international event Venice Oriental Dance Convention will be held at the beautiful historical Casinò Palace, Venice Lido, famous for the annual Venice Film Festival!

This Convention is just for you!

Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of this historic event!

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